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How to build your own classifieds website?

Try this classified website template WordPress to create an amazing classifieds website.

If you plan on creating an online classifieds ads posting website, it’s a great decision. The Internet has proved to be the best solution for most people. It provides an answer to all your questions and a solution to all your needs. Buying and selling online is now a part of everyone’s life.
And this is how a classifieds website works. With your classifieds website, you can allow various sellers to register on your site and post the advertisements. They can basically create a product page on your website describing the product. The interested visitors can contact the sellers and buy the products.

This is how a basic classified ad posting software works, and our best-classified WordPress theme is designed to do just that. It is ready to use classifieds script, you just install it and update the products, and your website is ready to go.

Classified WordPress theme with free/paid ad posting

If you are creating an online marketplace using the classifieds

The location features of the WordPress Classified ads theme allow you to create location-based listings which are then served to the visitors based on their location and therefore providing only the best and most relevant results.

The location features of the WordPress Classified ads theme allow you to create location-based classifieds listings which are then served to the visitors based on their location and therefore providing only the best and most relevant results.

You can opt for one of the following.

1.Paid ad posting
2. Free classifieds ad posting

Thankfully, our classified ads website builder templates are designed to support both. You plan your pricing and then implement it by creating price packages.

These packages will determine the price of the package, the number of advertisements allowed to be posted at the price, and the lifetime of the classified ad listing. Create as many packages as you want and let your users choose the best one from them. It gets much easier if you are creating a website that allows free ad posting.

Alternately, you can also create a classified website where people can post for a certain basic category of products free of cost and for certain categories they are required to pay.

You can have your website the way you want with these classifieds ad posting website.

Reasons why WordPress and Classifieds WordPress theme is ideal for your new

Some examples of these powerful features include the support for creating restricted areas of your directory that only members can access, the ability to add custom fields to your classified listings to display more information about each entry, and the eCommerce functionality that lets you charge a fee for accepting online listings.

A WordPress classified website is a lot different than an ordinary blog or business website. Classifieds website is much like a two way eCommerce website which helps people in ownership of saleable products to sell and the buyers to buy. In fact, a classifieds website is a platform where the buyers and seller meet. The deals made on a classifieds ad posting website can be of used goods or brand new products.

But you might feel confused if you should go for a WordPress classified website template or hire a professional programmer to get your website created. Here are a few good reasons why you should opt for a WordPress Classified Theme.

Classified listings WordPress: Ease of use

The WordPress themes for Classifieds website are designed to make it easy for you to create websites on your own, even if you are a non-technical person. WordPress is extremely easy to use CMS. Moreover, there are abundant WordPress classifieds templates available on the internet that you can use to get your site created by yourself.

An Easy website building process means you can focus more on the other aspects of your business.

Pre-designed and customizable classified website theme

The WordPress Classifieds themes aim to let you create a website instantly. They come with a re-designed interface and working modules. However, these themes come with all the options that you may require to change the appearance of your website. The powerful theme options panel has the settings and

Personalize your website by changing its background, color, and branding. Make it look the way you want. Also, you can use the setting options to manage how your website behaves. You can create meaningful ad listings on your website using custom Fields.

Using these themes is just like using mobile applications, no learning curve comes with setup guides (or you can say – user manuals), and intuitive options to make your task easier.

Front end classified listing submission

The visitors can easily submit their classified ads on your website through a pre-built form. You can either offer free submission or create membership packages and offer a payment plan for online submission.

To make your website more meaningful, you can create custom post types, and use custom field settings. The custom fields can be assigned to a specific classified category making it even more meaningful. The flexible theme, therefore, makes it possible to assign unique fields to classified listings based on categories.

Classified ads WordPress: Other Monetization options

The classifieds theme for WordPress comes with modern design and abundant monetization options. You can use these options to earn through your classifieds site.

There are so many alternatives to make money through your online marketplace website. For instance – displaying advertisement banners on the sidebar, charging for ad posting, etc.

Besides, you can add features to your website by using the WordPress plugin and thereby enhance the user experience. You can allow many payment options by integrating the different payment gateway

Enhancements with plugins

WordPress is an amazing CMS and it provides you with ample freedom to extend the functionality of your website.

For that, you should first plan how you want your website to be. Make a rough note of all the features you want to see, all the design settings you want, etc. You can get custom widgets, custom map markers, unlimited color schemes, on your online directories for classified ads.

It’s easier to decide the theme once you have your requirements clear. You can choose a theme that allows all those features. Or at least it allows integration of external plugins to include those features.

Save time & money with the web design classified ads template

Managing a classifieds theme is not an easy task. There are so many things that you will have to manage and organize as the owner of a classifieds website.

So going for a fully functional WordPress Classified ad posting theme will reduce your workload. You can pay attention to the other aspects of your website when you aren’t needed to write codes and spend time on website creation.

Also, hiring professionals to design and program your classifieds system is a costly affair. Just get the WordPress classifieds website template at the fraction of price and start creating your website. There is a wide range of options and plenty of features that you can use to create beautiful classifieds websites with a feature-packed theme.

Displaying advertisements on your Classifieds WordPress website

Ad monetization is the most desirable and popular feature of any website. It is hands down, the simplest way to earn through a website.

So while you choose the classified ads website theme, make sure that it has some space for displaying advertisements. There can be other money-making advanced features like paid ad submission, featured listing, and so on, but the easiest is by displaying sponsored adverts.

Most of the efficient WordPress themes with amazing features come with options to display advertisements. If your theme with a responsive design, comes without such ad spaces, then you’ll either have to drop the plan of earning through advertisements or you’ll have to adjust the design and insert the advertisement by changing theme files.

This is a time taking process, moreover, you may risk messing up the clean design of the theme. We’ve considered all these consequences and hence designed a theme that lets you insert ad banners at almost any part of the website.

How to create amazing classifieds website?

Proper categories

It is very important that you organize your classifieds website with proper categories. Make sure that you have included all the necessary categories for the products to be submitted on your website. Of course, the visitors can use the advanced search options and the search filters, but proper categorizing is the key to a classified ads website.

Keep a check if the products your user submits are submitted under proper categories. Also, make sure that the categories are not repetitive or synonymous. For instance – What is the use of a category called electronics and electrical appliances. Such repetition unnecessarily confuses the users.

Product images

An attractive design means there should be abundant images on your site. Classified ads software lets you add multiple images for the products on your website.

Images that are HD and beautiful. It adds to the beauty of your site and makes it good to look at. Because graphics and visual can help our website be more intuitive and expressive. You can even set a background image.

Also, ask your users to submit great quality images for their products. The images on the product page can be multiple, highly defined, and relevant. It can just add to the beauty and intuitiveness of your already stylish design.

Contact information

Users appreciate it when they realize that you are easy to contact. A working contact form on your site is a must. Besides, you should leave some of your contact details like email address, phone number, etc.

Also, ask the registered users of your website to provide their email address and other contact detail on your website. This makes it easy for a prospective customer to contact the seller.

With the contact form on your website, the visitors can get in touch with you easily. They can leave their message, queries or complaints on your site. So you can answer and help them out of their confusion, and the complaints will help you see the flaws of your system and work to improve it.

Legit products

The products are the highlight of your website. No matter how beautifully your site is designed and how easy to use it is. The ultimate scale on which people will judge your site is the kind of products and the quality of it.

Implement your own methods to testify whether the products to be sold on your website are legitimate and usable. This can help you win more customers and build a reliable reputation.

Customer reviews

Let the customers leave their reviews and comments on the product detail page. The comments of the buyers are beneficial in more than one ways. It is great for SEO. It helps the other customers gain insight into how reliable the products on your website can be.

Classifieds ad moderation

Why is the moderation of user-submitted classifieds ads required?

When you allow front-end classifieds submission, the front end users will register on your website and submit their classifieds using the inbuilt form through their Classified Directory theme.

Not all your users will double check their products and update their online listings with proper images. For this, you must keep a watch on what the user posts and how it appears to the buyers on the front end. The powerful theme options panel will help you manage the listings on your site.

SEO optimization of your classifieds website

SEO is now one of the subjects that you should be extra careful about while creating a website. Be it any kind of website, SEO is a must. To ensure that your WordPress Classifieds website ranks well with the search engine, you should:

  • Choose an SEO friendly Classifieds WordPress theme with a clean design
  • Use SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, All in one SEO pack
  • Maintain blogs and allow user comments on the products
  • Properly check the URLs, page titles and targeted keywords
  • Ask your users to target proper keywords on their product page

Maintaining the quality of advertises on your website

When you are allowing your visitors to submit their used goods and sell them using your website, you have to be very careful about the quality of products to be sold on your site.

For example, there is a website that sells second-hand books, but the books sold there has to pass a certain test.

You can ensure this by setting up a set of rules or policies that the registered members should abide by while posting on your website.

Also, Moderate the data, keep a check on the user registration as well as posting activities. Also check the published directory listings for errors, misleading details, etc.

These minor checks will ensure that the quality of data and listings on your website is maintained.

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