7 Best Learning Management System Plugins for WordPress

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A learning management system (LMS) is software created to deliver learning material. These learning materials include presentations, interactive lessons, videos, and text. Administrators use the inbuilt tools that come with an LMS to create courses, provide assessments, and track learners’ progress on the platform.

Essential Features for a Reliable LMS Plugin

The rising demand for e-learning means that software developers are working round the clock to ensure seamless learning. There is a wide selection of LMS plugins for WordPress, and here are the factors to consider when you need one:

Friendly User Interface – A simplified user interface is essential to access content and navigate the pages easily.

Accessibility Across Devices – A reliable LMS should load across various digital devices, including mobile phones, to allow learners to access coursework from any location.

Simplified Content Restriction – It is essential to have a content restriction feature to ensure learners only access a specific set of content at any given time.

Inbuilt Analytics – Tutors and administrators can follow student progress with inbuilt analytics and take action where necessary. Analytics is also vital when you need to generate reports and view other statistics.

Quiz Creation – Quiz templates at the end of each topic ensure that learners grasp the main points and are ready to move to the next one.

Assignment Uploads – Students should be able to submit assignments without hitches for a better experience.

Automated Mail – Sending automated emails saves administrators time and resources and adds a personal touch to communication.

Payment Features – Integrated payment features make it possible for learners to pay for their courses and simplify the registration process.

The Best LMS Plugins for WordPress

There are dozens of great plugins to help you create the perfect online experience for your students, and here are a few that stand out.


LearnDash is an excellent consideration for course creators, universities, and other learning institutions. The plugin packs impressive features to get your course up and running within no time. You can choose to use either the Pro Package ($ 369), the Plus Package ($ 229), or the Basic Package ($ 159), all priced annually.


  • Unlimited users to allow as many enrollments as possible
  • Unlimited courses
  • Certificates & badges for students who complete their courses successfully
  • Drip-feed lessons to allow easy scheduling and lesson planning
  • Unlimited annual support with every subscription
  • Quiz creation in multiple formats
  • Course restriction to enrolled users only


If you are looking for a plugin rich in features, then Masterstudy is the perfect place to start. This plugin is well suited for large institutions like universities and anyone creating an e-learning platform and is available in the MasterStudy Free & MasterStudy Pro ($ 54.99) versions.


  • Gradebook for all student statistics, including enrollment, grades, and course completion
  • Trial courses open to the public
  • Provision for adding co-instructor
  • Course bundles for selling course packages as offers
  • Drip content for step by step learning
  • Certificates and badges on course completion
  • Group courses for companies


With LifterLMS, you enjoy great flexibility and support to create unique courses for your clients. This plugin offers versatile solutions for learning marketplaces, blended learning solutions, and company training portals. The plugin comes in 3 packages; the Browse package ($ 99), the Universe Bundle ($ 299), and the infinity bundle ($ 999).


  • Unlimited courses to support growth
  • Unlimited memberships to allow scaling up
  • Personal student dashboards for easy monitoring and communication
  • Drip & scheduled content
  • Bulk enrolment feature to save time
  • Reviews and comments section
  • Affiliate compatibility for better marketing
  • Certificates for successful course completion
  • Advanced quizzes for multiple format questions

WP Courseware

With the WP Courseware plugin, you can create highly customized courses easily and reach massive audiences. To sell courses, however, you need to integrate with woo commerce. This plugin provides three payment plans: Teacher ($ 249), Professor ($ 299), and Guru ($ 399).


  • Course builder with drag and drop feature
  • Provision for multiple tutors
  • Content dripping for planned lessons
  • PayPal and Stripe payment options
  • Gradebooks for student monitoring
  • Quizmaker for timely assessments
  • Unlimited courses
  • Integration with various plugins
  • Mass enrollment feature
  • Licensing for two sites


LearnPress is a free plugin that is reasonably easy to use and ideal for anyone wishing to create courses to add to existing services and products. If you provide essay writer online services, this plugin will serve you well. Downloading most of the free add-ons compatible with LearnPress is a great way to get started with your online course. Its premium add-ons come fairly priced, paid once with non-recurrent fees.


  • PayPal payment feature for billing
  • Simplified lesson structures for fast course creation
  • Compatibility with various media
  • Multiple language support – up to sixteen languages
  • WordPress multisite support
  • Easy integration with other WordPress Themes
  • Course sharing and management
  • Seamless communication with students


CourseBuilder combines quality and functionality to help instructors, teachers, and learning institutions to create amazing courses. Coupled with flexibility, control over the course, and revenue generation, this LMS plugin is an excellent consideration for any online course provider. The CourseBuilder support team is on call to guarantee smooth operations for your e-learning program.


  • Ticket sales for simplified event management
  • Links to e-learning platforms like Udemy
  • Provision for online webinars
  • Drag & drop course building
  • Supports multiple modes of payment
  • Dashboard feature for better retention
  • Multiple quiz formats
  • Multi-language support for seamless learning
  • Demos for various types of educational institutions
  • SEO support for better visibility
  • Frequent updates

Tutor LMS

Tutor LMS provides endless possibilities for course creators and instructors who wish to have control over their content. This lightweight plugin is free with the possibility of integrating quality add ons. Apart from blended learning, the plugin’s premium tutor has custom features to enable tutors to create a perfect learning platform.


  • Student dashboard for better engagement
  • Monetization provision
  • Course progress tracking
  • Quiz timing feature
  • Links to various video sources
  • Question & answer provision
  • Teacher profiles
  • Difficulty level for courses
  • Commission allocation


The demand for educational content is steadily rising, and e-learning platforms provide instructors and learning institutions a cost-effective channel to reach more students. If you are looking to start digital lessons for your students, try any LMS above to experience efficient lesson delivery and satisfaction.

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