111 Tevolution WordPress Plugin
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Advanced plugin from Templatic

This WordPress plugin is designed to enable many powerful features, including:

  • User-generated post types and custom fields
  • Multiple payment gateways and selling options
  • Extensive back-end options and capabilities

Tevolution is not available for sale, it comes bundled with certain themes and plugins. Use the buttons below to explore Tevolution-powered products.

What is Tevolution?

The Tevolution WordPress plugin enables advanced functionality in our themes. Some of the features it enables include custom post types, monetization options, custom fields… Cool thing about Tevolution is the fact it’s modular, meaning you can turn off the features you do not need. The plugin itself won’t change they way you use the theme very much. Options will be displayed in the WordPress dashboard in much the same way as before. The only extra step you must take is activating the plugin from the Plugins section. Both Tevolution and the theme will be available in the member area

The plugin has been created for two main reasons:

    • It allows us to update/upgrade themes much quicker (since they share the same code/plugin)
  • It enables automatic updates for you, the user

Three pillars of Tevolution

Create a new Post Type

Until Tevolution came along creating a new post type was difficult; you had to dive into the code since there was no way to create one using just the Dashboard. With Tevolution you can create a new post type with matching category and tag taxonomies in seconds. A front-end submission form (for user-submitted content) can be generated for each post type – including the built-in WordPress “Posts”. In Tevolution submission pages are regular ol’ WordPress pages. Creating, deleting and modifying is all possible from the Dashboard.

Make money with Price Packages

Monetization features included with Tevolution allow you to make money in various ways. Price Packages for instance enable you to create unlimited payment plans for your submission form. These packages can be handled per-post meaning users pay for each submission or per-subscription; which allows users to submit a preset number of listings in a a set time period. Along with providing payment plans inside the submission form you can also showcase ads using AdSense widgets

Advanced custom fields functionality

The submission form mentioned earlier is constructed entirely of dynamic custom fields. This allows you to create a truly unique form with no redundant or unnecessary fields. Custom fields can come in various field types, including Radio, Select and Checkbox. Along with controlling the fields input, it’s also possible to control where will the value be shown. Values can be shown on the listing detail page, category page, WordPress dashboard and even emails. In case you want to show the value in some unique place just use the standard WordPress get_post_meta() function.

Tevolution Features

  • Unique Features

    Advanced Page Templates

    Tevolution comes with three super-advanced page templates; Submit Form, Map Display and Advanced Search. The Submit From template for example allows you to generate fully-functional submission forms based on the custom fields you’ve created earlier.

  • Unique Features

    Bulk Import / Export / Update

    In Tevolution you can bulk import/export all of your content. Also, for the first time it is possible to update existing content as well. Bulk importing and updating can be done with one .csv file – new entries will be added and existing ones will be updated.

  • Unique Features

    Multiple Payment Methods

    Tevolution comes with several online paying methods (gateways) and one offline method (Direct Bank Transfer). On top of that new payment gateways will be available for purchasing from the member area.

  • Unique Features

    Currency Options

    Changing a currency is as easy as changing the currency code (used by the payment gateways) and the symbol (displayed by the theme). Since all of it is entered manually you can use virtually any currency in circulation today.

  • Unique Features

    User Profile Fields

    This functionality is similar to regular custom fields, but instead of displaying fields inside the submission form, the fields are displayed in the register form. Several field types are provided here as well.

  • Unique Features

    Claim Ownership

    Want to enable users to claim listings you or another member posted earlier? You can with this functionality! Submitted claims will appear in the dashboard waiting for your approval.

  • Unique Features

    Coupon Module

    Create and offer coupons/discounts for your members. Coupon discount can be fixed or percentile (price package dependent). It is also possible to specify a time frame in which the coupon is valid.

  • Unique Features

    Transaction Details

    Overview of all transactions made on your site. Search and filters have also been included meaning you can display only submissions for a certain type or payment method.

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