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Location Slider

Designed to display different banners slider per location.

Give your directory the local identity

Imagine you can launch a directory for a few or thousands of cities where each city has its own slider. Now with the cool Location Slider you can do just that. This Directory add-on is an ideal tool which lets you give each location its own visual identity with an attractive location-specific banner image. Works ideally with our Directory theme and all of it’s child themes.

NEW in version 1.0.3: You can now set a default banner images for all the cities where you’ve not set any images! The most requested feature for Location Slider plugin is now a reality.

A picture is worth a thousand words

As well as the default city selector and flag icons, you can now use powerful images to differentiate each city. With LocationSlider, each city on your directory can have its own image slider. Isn’t this a great way to make your users feel they are in a separate directory for each city?

This Directory add-on plugin is sure to enhance the user experience on your directory website. LocationSlider is easy to use and can effortlessly have your website looking like it has a separate directory for each city.

Feature highlight

  • Add images by url
  • Add images by an upload button
  • Add many images to each slider
  • Add “Location Slider” In Home page banner widget area
  • Easily integrated to an existing site


Note: Location slider plugin will not work when you use global location plugin at your site

Another great reason to have city banners

As well as enhancing user experience, you can use LocationSlider to earn even more money. Having different images per city could for example be used to offer the same ad space more than once. This is where you have the slider showing banner ads for 1 city. You can repeat this for every single city and be using the same space thousands of times if you like.

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Location Slider Plugin