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Post Type Linker

Designed to bring together two different post types.

Let your users link a listing to another post type on your directory

Now, not only can your users link their listing to an event, with Post Type Linker, users can also link to another post type. This cool new add-on plugin for Directory and all of its child themes makes your directory a promotion hub for users. Let’s imagine a business owner has submitted a listing on your directory. With Post Type Linker, this user can also link their listing to a classified or property ad if they have submitted any.

WordPress Post Type Linker Plugin

Wouldn’t you just like users to love your directory even more if they could promote whatever they like in one place? Post Type Linker now makes your job easier at encouraging your users to make even more submissions. Once installed this add-on generates a new tab above a listing’s description that links to the other user’s submission on another post type. The beauty is, the user’s submission on the other post type can also get the tab linking it to the listing.

Easily and seamlessly integrated with your Directory website

You don’t have to do much to get Post Type Linker ready to go on your Directory. Once installed and activated, this powerful tool is all fired up and ready to go. Users can now edit their listing or other type of submission, choose another post type and link to a submission on it. Your directory can now make it possible for users to feel they can do all their promotion in one place with interlinked tabs.

The Post Type Linker plugin is compatible with Directory and all of its child themes. Not only this, this add-on will also work with custom post types you create or those generated by Directory add-ons such as Classifieds or Real Estate.

Feature highlight

  • Allows users to link their submissions
  • Interlinked tabs on detail pages of linked post types
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Admin can also link post type submissions
  • Encourages your users to make more submissions

Choose Post Type Linker for a more versatile directory

Enhance your directory website with this cool add-on to increase the attractiveness to make more submissions. Your users will love your website for allowing them to effortlessly do all their online promotion in one place… your directory!